Oral health and dental hygiene are essential for a healthy life. It reflects your lifestyle, personality, and overall health conditions. We have always to remember that prevention is better than cure. Lack of dental care may lead to severe health complications and costly treatments. It also affects mental health and challenges your self-esteem and social confidence level. Regular checking and caring is the key to prevent most of these problems. So, you may be worrying about the expenses and looking for a place with reduced costs. Then, the free dental school clinics provide you the best solution.

What are free dental school clinics?

Sometimes, the regular checkups and the treatment measures may require highly expensive procedures. A free dental school is a place that provides teaching and learning opportunities for dental students. But, most of you may not see them as places where you can find a high-quality dental care service. So, they are special dental schools that do dental work for free.

These free dental schools allow dental students to gain clinical experience by treating patients. These organizations also carry out research studies and experimental procedures. They require voluntary patients with exceptional cases to participate in these programs. At the same time, patients receive dental care services at a reduced cost.

This is a great opportunity for the low-income proportion of a community. Qualified and experienced dentists always supervise and guide the dental students.

Role of free dental schools

This environment supports a service-learning form of education. This concept combines the students’ learning objectives and community service.

The service-learning approach has three main goals. They are to improve education, to encourage social participation, and to address social needs. Society can either from a local neighborhood or a remote community. Services provide according to the social conditions and requirements which select among the community.

Community-based dental education (CBDE) is a valuable concept where dental students are encouraged to build social connections. It is also a significant opportunity to create a deeper understanding of these issues.

Services provided by the free dental school clinics

You can find a range of services based on the age groups as Elderly, Adult, and Children. The elderly group includes patients from and above 65 years. Patients around 19 years to 65 may consist of in the adult category. The remaining class covers the children below 19 years.

The range of activities and clinical services may vary according to the government’s fund allocation or the responsible institution. Some dental schools are having collaboration with a non-governmental organization. These organizations focus on the improvement of oral health and care services in the region. They promote and encourage society to cultivate acceptable dental hygiene practices.

Oral health care services of free dental school clinics

Free dental implant clinical trials

Dental implanting is getting rising attention in the present. This post-treatment method is vital in replacing missing teeth. A dentist replaces one or more teeth related to their function and appearance. Loss of teeth can happen due to various reasons. An accident, old age, or other oral health problems can cost you to lose your valuable pearly whites. Missing teeth lead to digestive issues, loss of self-confidence levels, and cosmetic issues.

At the same time, dental implant treatment may somewhat expensive. This is where free dental schools come to your help.

An implant contains an artificial screw-like device. Generally, titanium metal uses to make this screw. You have to undergo through a surgical procedure on order to fix this screw into the jaw. Artificial teeth or the prosthesis can set on the top of the screw. This procedure consists of several steps and requires several appointments to make a plan.

Dental school free wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is a standard surgical procedure among adults. One or more wisdom teeth, remove during the process. These teeth are located in the back corner of your mouth. If they do not have enough room to grow, it may cause some serious dental problems.

The wisdom tooth can be a lot to handle for most teenagers and people of the early twenties. Nowadays, a large proportion of the young population has to undergo the wisdom tooth removal process. Even under the usual conditions, the growth of these third molars can cause immense discomfort and pain. Sometimes it causes a threat to other teeth. That is why so many people have to remove their wisdom teeth.

Also, we have to spend a considerable amount of money to remove one wisdom tooth. Complications of your teeth may lead to further expenses. Of course, you will come across through numerous ways to reduce this cost. One of the most reliable options is to undertake dental school free wisdom tooth removal.

The clinic staff will inform you about the preparation for the process. They will support you with the things that you should do and you should not do. During the procedure, you will have a high inspection under senior dentists and surgeons.

The procedure for the removal of the wisdom tooth consists of different steps. However, the best surgical care and knowledge help you to avoid any post complications.

Other than above mentioned dental care services, free dental schools also offer other regular hygiene services. They include Orthodontic treatment, Root canal dental treatment, and other traditional hygiene treatments.

Dental checkup

Dental checkups help maintain positive oral health. During a dental checkup, the experienced dentists or the students will assist you with checkups. They will focus on not only your health conditions but medication as well. It helps to identify possible impacts of other health-related problems on oral health.

Scaling and cleaning

Soft plaque and the hardened calculus cause serious bacterial decays in teeth. Plaque is the lawn of bacterial growth on the teeth surface—the calculus form resulting from the continuous accumulation of plaque, food debris, and minerals. The scaling and cleaning process involves the removal of these plaques and the calculus.

Dental fissure sealants

Sealants are useful to prevent a decayed tooth from further decaying. Most of the time, molar and the premolar teeth with deeper grooves treat with sealants. A liquid solution can use to paint the surface of teeth. This solution is applied to the biting surface of the teeth. Sealants use with the hope of it acting as a barrier and preventing further decaying of teeth.

Dental fillings

Fillings are used with the idea of treating teeth with a hole or a cavity. The first step is to remove the decay. Then a suitable filling material is used to treat the cavity. Some of the filling material can restore the aesthetic appearance of the tooth. Restored teeth boost your confidence and avoid most of the personality issues.

Clinical Trials

Conduction of a clinical trial requires two parties. The voluntary patients to participate in the research study with special clinical conditions to study. The other party is the qualified dentists to treat these patients. Community-based dental education (CBDE) is a valuable occasion where both parties receive a win-win situation.

Most of the time, free dental schools look for special cases from society. So it will help the knowledge improvement of the involved students. But, at the same time, they provide oral health services from regular checkups to free dental implant trials and others.

Benefits of free dental schools

Free dental schools provide benefits for both parties, as in students and the community. Previous research studies describe the advantages of dental schools for students.

  • Students who participated in free dental schools were having a smoother transition to their dental profession life.
  • Years of experience allow students to understand the social context of oral health.
  • It is also a great exposure to apply theoretical knowledge. Socially related educational programs have improved students’ soft skills.
  • It also helps with students’ clinical skills and diagnosing.
  • Free dental schools also serve the community by facilitating oral health care opportunities at an affordable cost.

Good dental care helps you with a positive and healthy lifestyle. You should always compare and contrast the related costs. It is crucial to select a quality dental care service but, of course, for a reasonable price. Free dental schools give you the best solution, and you can find such a place with a little research effort. You may always be looking for free dental school with the idea of a “dental school clinic near me.” Therefore, you can always contact the state or local health institution of your area. They can help you with finding reduced-cost dental care serviced providers. It is a privilege to see this service in a community.

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